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For businesses to be eligible to seek crowdfunded investments through The Impact Crowd, they must show how they meet at least one of the criteria listed on this page. In addition, each fundraising company must state the positive impact intended by their business and present this as an Impact Statement on their offering page. This allows us to offer transparency and clarity to focus on investments that matter to you.

Businesses may be eligible to raise funds through The Impact Crowd if they intend to directly pursue a positive impact in society through a product or service including but not limited to the following areas:

  • Environmental

    • Green Buildings and/or Smart Growth

    • Renewable Energy and Climate Change

    • Clean Technologies

    • Pollution and Toxin reductions

    • Sustainable Natural Resources and Agricultural Processes

    • Water use and conservation

    • Other improvements in general sustainability and sustainable processes

  • Corporate Governance

    • Anti-Corruption policies

    • Board diversity

    • Board independence

    • Sustainable corporate governance policies

  • Social

    • Businesses Majority-Owned by BIPOC and/or women founders and/or owners

    • Workplace safety

    • Labor relations

    • Workplace Benefits

    • Diversity and Anti-Bias Improvements

    • Community Development

    • Avoidance of Tobacco or other harmful products

    • Human Rights

    • Educational improvements

    • Healthcare improvements

    • Other improvements in sustainable workplaces and workforces

If businesses do not meet the criteria above, they may also be eligible to fundraise with The Impact Crowd if they meet these other criteria: 

  • Indirectly pursuing positive impact in society through applying a portion of business revenue and/or profits to a positive impact cause.  Some examples may include but are not limited to:

    • Donating a percentage of revenues and/or profits to a positive impact cause.  Positive impact causes may include:

      • Donations to a category listed above 

      • Donations to other charities or philanthropic organizations

  • Indirectly pursuing positive impact in society through operating the company’s business itself in a means that is determined to be sustainable and/or creating positive social or corporate impact.  Some examples may include but are not limited to:

    • Operating as a carbon neutral business.

    • Providing a sustainable and socially responsible environment for its own workers.

    • Implementing sustainable corporate business practices

  • Businesses operating within the following categories will be ineligible for listing on The Impact Crowd

    • Tobacco, Marijuana, and other similar products

    • Gambling products or services

    • Cryptocurrencies and related offerings

    • Adult Entertainment

    • Pawn Brokers

Grow Your Vision

Are you a business looking to raise funds through The Impact Crowd, but are unsure if you satisfy any of these Impact Criteria?  Please feel free to email us at or call us at 888-451-4210 and we would be happy to discuss your eligibility further!

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